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We are Pet Friendly

Our Pet Policy (For Humans)

The following applies to pets our Phoenix Inn Resort location and surroundings:

* Service animals and Emotional Support animals (“Assistance Animals”) that provide assistance to individuals with disabilities are welcome at all Phoenix Inn Resort property.

* We welcome one well-behaved domestic pet (i.e. cat or dog) per guestroom at our location. At management discretion, additional pets may be permitted. Please call the hotel directly or email us prior to arrival to confirm number of pets allowed.

* At The Phoenix Inn Resort location, pet is not to exceed 35 pounds.

* A one time fee of $35 will apply at our Phoenix Inn Resort location for the allowance of one well-behaved domestic pet (i.e. cat or dog) per guestroom. Please call the hotel directly prior to arrival or email us to confirm number of pets allowed and applicable fees.

* At check-in, guests MUST declare your pet. If you forget to do so at check-in, please let the Property staff know at your earliest convenience. This is for the safety of your pet and all of our guests. 

* If a pet(s) causes damage to the Property, the Property manager is permitted to charge the guest for the damage caused by the pet.

* Guests may not leave a pet unattended in a guestroom.

* Should an emergency arise, and a pet(s) is/are left unattended in a guestroom, the guest must contact the front desk to notify Property staff that the pet will be left alone in the guestroom. A guest must provide all contact information in the even the Property needs to be in contact. If a pet(s) is disturbing other guests/staff or causing damage, then it/they cannot be left alone and must remain in the guest's control.

* If outside the guestroom, pet(s) must be on a leash at all times or in a carrier.

* No pets are allowed in any dinette or restaurant space, or wherever else food may be prepared, stored, or served. No pets are allowed in any fitness center, pool area, or laundry facility.

* Property staff will not clean guestrooms while a pet(s) is present. Guest should make arrangements with Property staff to schedule times for guestroom cleaning while the pet(s) is/are not in the guestroom.


* Guests are required to clean up after their pet(s) (inside or outside) and keep the pet(s) within their control at all times.

* If a pet(s) is deemed dangerous, harmful, or disruptive, management has sole discretion to request that the guest remove the pet(s) or to request that the guest find other accommodations. The Property staff may also contact animal control to have a pet(s) removed.

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